Coastal Paws and Claws

Coastal Paws and Claws

Our Ragdoll cats are gentle, loving and are great companions. They get along with children and other pets.

Fritz is a blue bicolor and Zeva is solid white. These cats are very loving and like to curl up next to you in bed, if you will allow. It is so hard to say no when you look into those beautiful blue eyes. They just love being with you. They follow you around like a dog, going from room to room just to be near you. We brush them daily and this helps to keep their shedding to a minimum. Their fur is very soft, almost silk like. A more beautiful cat you will not find than these ragdoll cats. Can’t wait to share our first litter with you. Our Ragdolls are TICA registered.


These beautiful cats are large and muscular with long hair and a soft, silky coat. Ragdolls are a low-shedding breed, but you may notice heavier seasonal shedding in the spring. The lack of an undercoat is to thank for this breed’s lack of shedding, but they are not considered to be a “hypoallergenic” cat.

These cats stand between 9–11 inches tall and are usually 17–21 inches in length (excluding their fluffy tail). They weigh 10–20 pounds, with male ragdoll cats typically weighing more, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

According to the Ragdoll Fanciers Club, there are five types of ragdoll coat patterns: colorpoint, bicolor, mitted, lynx point, and tortie point.

  • Colorpoint coats are darker around the eyes, ears, tail, limbs, and (sometimes) stomach.
  • Bicolor ragdoll cats are similar in appearance to colorpoint ragdolls, but these cats will have an inverted-V coloring pattern on the face with a light belly and limb color.
  • Mitted ragdolls look like their colorpoint counterparts but have extra light spots near the paws, giving the appearance of mittens.
  • Lynx point ragdolls look like colorpoints but have tabby markings on their face.
  • Tortie points also look like colorpoints but incorporate red or cream mixed into other colors.

Ragdoll colors include black, white, gray, blue, cream, lilac, chocolate, seal, and red. This breed is known to have blue eyes, but it is not an exclusive feature of the ragdoll.  (1)

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