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Updated 6/28/2024

We have 19 puppies all ready to go this week , they are 2 months old tomorrow. 

10 CAVAPOO S  all ready to go.

Also 5 Ragdoll kittens ready to go July 1

And Xiva’s new litter of 4.

I will get pick, but we have king Charles cavalier  stud to sell.

Contact us for more information!

We are a small home kennel and cattery that breeds, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cavapoos and TICA registered Ragdoll cats. We have relocated to our son’s farm in Falcon, Missouri, just outside of Springfield Missouri. We are just starting our journey as breeders with these specific breeds and are looking forward to all the new fur babies that will be coming in the future.

Our Cavaliers are Duke and Daisy. This breed of dog makes a great family pet. They are very gentle and sweet natured dogs. They get along well with all our other pets. They love children, too. If you want a low maintenance dog, this breed is for you. They easily adapt to your schedule but would be happy to be near you all the time. Everyone should have one of these beauties to love. Duke & Daisy are AKC registered. 

Sisters, Callie (Apricot and white) and Katie (Apricot) are our cavipoos. They are a cross between a Cavalier and a mini poodle. These sweet babies are just lap buddies who love to be snuggled. You will not find a more gentle or loving dog than these cavapoos. They love other pets, children and in general anyone who will pick them up an snuggle them. They are super cute and look like mini teddy bears. Can’t wait to have some cavapoos to share with you.

Alfred (Alf) is our red mini poodle. What a wonderful dog. He is so loving and sweet. Nothing makes him happier than for someone to hold him. He is so gentle and kind to all the other animals. He loves to play with the other dogs and when tired, he and the cavapoos will be found curled up together on one of their beds. He will be the father to our cavapoos soon.

Fritz and Zeva are our Ragdoll cats. Fritz is a blue bicolor and Zeva is solid white. These cats are very loving and like to curl up next to you in bed, if you will allow. It is so hard to say no when you look into those beautiful blue eyes. They just love being with you. They follow you around like a dog, going from room to room just to be near you. We brush them daily and this helps to keep their shedding to a minimum. Their fur is very soft, almost silk like. A more beautiful cat you will not find than these ragdoll cats. Can’t wait to share our first litter with you. Our Ragdolls are TICA registered.

Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll cats