Coastal Paws and Claws

Duke and Daisy

Duke and Katie playing tug a war.

Our Cavaliers are sweet, gentle, and affectionate.  They are friendly with strangers and get along famously with our other animals.

As a breed:
They are smart and train easily, and Cavaliers are excellent in a lot of doggie sports including obedience, rally, and agility. They are considered a lap dog, make great companion dogs and are up for anything you would like them to do.

The Cavalier’s lustrous, silky coat requires little more than regular brushing and an occasional bath to keep him in beautiful condition. Brushing not only helps to keep the coat shiny and tangle-free but also serves as a full-body massage that the dog enjoys. grooming sessions enhance the dog-owner bond and provide an opportunity to inspect the dog’s whole body for any new or unusual bumps or other issues. The ears should be checked weekly for signs of infection, and the nails should be trimmed at least once a month, as overgrown nails can cause pain and structural problems.

Duke & Daisy's AKC Registration